Frame of Work – Bruno Bollino

This week we are following Bruno Bollino in charge of hotel management.

If his availability and his smile characterize him, it is at the moment of race that he begins his day by going around the hotel to meet each member of the staff in order to coordinate all the services that make up our establishment.

Focusing on the well-being of our clients and attaching great importance to listening to our employees, any remark, feedback, adjustment or idea will be raised and submitted to a management meeting in order to improve what can be But also to innovate.

Every week, this meeting is an opportunity for all, to exchange and plan tomorrow’s priorities.

From the layout of the hotel, the services, the restaurant menu and the spa services, everything is discussed. Thus, the « summer garden », air-conditioned veranda adjoining the spa offers a space apart, ideal for any evening, bachelor party girl was set up. The buffet formula of the restaurant, which takes off at noon, is also one of the novelties that Bruno Bollino has cherished.

There are many new ideas that we will share with you.


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