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Swaywaver Massage Table

Almost no other treatment method can lead to such deep relaxation as the treatment in water, known as Watsu. During this massage and movement therapy which takes place in 35 °C warm water, the patient is stretched and extended using gentle and attentive movements.

Thanks to the unique Swaywaver® treatment table it is now possible to carry out the Watsu method without water. Using sturdy and thought-through mechanics, the treatment table can be turned 360° horizontally and swings freely vertically. You will feel similar to weightlessness in three-dimensional space.

The connection between nature and high-end technology is mirrored by the use of the Swaywaver table as well as the use of the cosmetic products. Deep relaxation and the best of care effect are the aim. The care products can develop their full potential when used on the Swaywaver table and give the guest a deep and relaxing care experience.


Michel-Claude Urban

Visionary and Inventor

Michel-Claude Urban is one of the most important inventors in the wellness spa industry. In his daily work he increasingly experiences the great human need of people for calmness and sensory stimulus withdrawal and the growing importance of offering a medical spa range.

The importance of modern, functioning stress management is also increasing. As a physiotherapist and specialist for functional movement training, movement and posture analysis Michel-Claude Urban has been intensively researching the human body and its behaviour in reaction to the different environment and stress situations for more than 20 years.